Landscaping is now considered to be an extremely important aspect to adding value to your property, learning how to landscape your own home garden, as it is with any do it yourself projects, will not only save you money but will be very satisfying. the key is of course, is to do it the proper way!

That’s where this site comes in” Coming up with the right landscape idea for your home garden can often be a little overwhelming, but here, I have tried to make that process easier for you, by giving you information to consider in order to come up with the Landscape design that’s right for your home.

Landscaping is just an extension of your home, acting as an invitation to come and spend more time outside. Especially now with ”Alfresco Entertaining Areas” being an important part of the house design. Looking out on a well landscaped home garden provides an atmosphere that just tops it all off. So if you are looking to do some or all of the work yourself or even if you are a trainee in the trade, then you are in the right place.

Learning How to Fence for example, we cover many aspects of fencing, what you need to look out for, with considerations on style of your fence, height restrictions and Council Regulations when building a fence. Below is one type of fence we process here for you.

Timber Fence

Here’s is a photo of a 1.8m high Heritage Treated Pine stained Paling Fence.

It is supported by 125 x 125 mm (5″ x 5″) posts with four rails.

It is also lap and capped. and all Stained. You will be able to learn how this is done in the fencing

section, where we not only cover the construction of this fence but many others….

Learn more by starting here.. How To Fence.

Trade Tips and tricks to help you as well !!

There are many types of fences you can choose from so picking the right one to suite your Landscape is fairly important, so I have tried to cover the most common ones here.

Paving laying is another major aspect to many home landscape designs and it’s important to consider, although more labour intensive than some other hard cover surfaces like concrete for example, paving provides an attraction and an atmosphere like no other!

So, laying brick or slab pavers is a topic covered here with specifications, paving a driveway and what’s the difference Brick pavers vs Concrete pavers and many aspects to paving that you need to know when you are considering your choices in your landscape design.

Laying Pavers

Here we have a small area out from the house and it’s being paved with concrete pavers.

We show you how to set out a job for paving.

Prepare the Sub-grade and bedding mix.

As far as Paver laying the procedure is the same whether it be clay brick pavers or concrete pavers.

All in the Paving area

Laying the Pavers

Retaining walls is not necessarily for everyone, but still an important aspect in landscaping and you may have to include in the list of skills you wish to attain, Your landscape design may want the variety that Retaining Walls can provide even if it’s simply providing a raised garden bed that you are trying to create with your landscape idea.

So if you have to build a Retaining Wall in your own home garden or whether you are landscaping for someone else, there are a few very important things to consider. Levels, Drainage, design of the wall etc.

We cover this in the Building a Retaining Wall section. Here is a picture of what we call a Sleeper “Tie Back” Retaining wall.

Timber Tie-back Wall

And So Much More !!

One important thing is to enjoy your landscape work, sure in can be hard and at times tedious, but the end result is something that you will benefit for a long time…

Landscaping your own home garden and learning to do it yourself whatever it is, whether it’s Fencing, Paving a driveway, learning How to Concrete or Building a Retaining Wall, IS EXTREMELY SATISFYING, Whether it’s your home garden or someone else’s.

You will find enough information here on a variety of projects, some of which you may have to tackle in your landscape design. I have provided information on the procedure as well as “TIPS and TRICKS of the LANDSCAPE TRADE” that will help you accomplish these jobs and do them with more confidence.