Now don’t misunderstand this, I haven’t gone to the trouble of setting this site up and giving you a whole load of content only to turn around and say it’s no good… but the fact remains, the procedures and specifications laid out on each and every page and post here are what I use when I am building these projects. I cannot be held responsible for the work the you carry out.

When designing and building your landscape, decisions are made on taking into account the whole scenario for your home and what you personally want to achieve. Unless I am there I am not held responsible in any way shape or form if the decision or building does not work out.

What I have provided here on this website is information for you to use as guidelines only, I follow the procedures and they work for me. I have done my very best to give you the up to date information and will continue to do so.

Having said that I still maintain that by following these procedures you will be able to perform the works with the information you need to carry out your projects, with a level of confidence that you may not have had before, I wish you all the very best with what you are trying to achieve.